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Service Dogs

Caring for animals that care for you

 I started getting involved in service dog training in 2016. Utilizing my skills of confidence building, and creative problem solving I was able to really understand the necessary foundations for confident working dogs. Faced with my own changing health I decided to go a little deeper and began training my own dog with the support of others trainers in my area.  Owner training offers a lot of challenges and I believe no one should have to do that alone. I've assisted over a dozen dogs and halnders in being successful working teams that adhere to the ADA. 

Whether you have an active service dog, a prospect, or an older dog who could use a retirement plan, I would be happy to schedule an assessment and see how I can best help your training goals. 

More Information

Below is a general break down of the specific services I offer.

If you are a breeder looking to place service dog prospects, I would be happy to talk to you about your program and options to help set your puppies up for service dog success.


Service Dogs

Owner training brings its own set of challenges. Besides general education I offer a range of services specific to your goals. All training starts with a 90min assessment to outline a training plan with your specific goals in mind. 

My services include:

  • Temperament testing

  • Intake and assessment for public access suitability

  • Tailored, goal-centered training plans

  • Task training assistance

  • Problem solving active tasks 



ESA (Emotional Support Animal) Training: 

While there is no legal training requirement for ESA’s because public access for them is very limited, I can help your dog learn to be calm and relaxed in a variety of settings and teach good manners for a stress free life at home. 

  • Basic Manners

  • Confidence-building

  • House structure

  • Communication strategies

  • Strengthening connection and bond

Related Questions

Do you train ESA's?

I would be happy to assist you in any of your training goals for your ESA.

ESA's or Emotional Support Animals have limited public access based on your location. With the continuing changes to laws around flying with ESA's isn't always a good idea to make sure your enimal in comfortable in such a stressful and fast pasced and environment. I can help make sure you are both ready for travel together!

Do you train therapy dogs?

Therapy dogs are a very different category of working dogs. They are specifically trained to interact with the public and provide comfort to groups of people.  Though some of the public access training is similar to service dogs, therapy dogs are not covered by the ADA, and have specialized programs to volunteer through.  Therapy Dogs International has some good information about this process. 

Do you offer certifications?

In the U.S there is no requirement for certification or registration of service animals.  In fact, agencies that offer these can add to the misrepresentation of service animals. For more FAQ about the ADA Click Here. 

How do I get started?

Let's set up an intake to meet and talk about your needs. We will also outline tasks you need and talk about what type of dog would be a good fit.   
If you already have a dog that you think will work, I can assess them and we can talk about training options from there.

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