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What is your training methodology?

I use positive reward systems to create reliable foundations for you and your dog.
I strive to continue to expand my understanding of animal behavior and science based learning. I will help you focus on what your dog can do rather than what they aren't yet doing.

What does The Mindful Pupper do differently than others in your field?

Problem solving behaviors require a mix of both direct and indirect approaches in order to help your dog generalize foundation skills. 
I bring a wide range of knowledge, unique approaches, and positive creativity to make training simple and fun for everything.

What Equipment do you use?

We will talk more about this in our assessment session. I start off most dogs with a flat collar, a 6ft leash and some high value rewards. 
It is helpful to begin trainin already having a treat pouch of some kind, and at least 3 different high-value treats to rotate throughout our session.  Sometimes dogs are picky eaters, or haven't yet built up food motivation, in that case having a toy your dog loves will also help.

How do I get started?

Every program begins with a 90min assessment. Here we can get to know each other more, talk about your goals, and I can see how you and your dog interact... after that we begin training!

Do you offer discounts?

There is always progress to be made, but training is not always accessible. I offer a limited number of income based sliding scale spots per month for individual sessions. These are first-come-first served. If you feel as though finances will be a barrier, please email me through our contact page.

What is your service area?

I am currently located in Elma, WA and actively serve Thurston, Greys Harbor, and South Pierce Counties. 

Need help finding resources in your area! I maintain a large network of local trainers with a variety of specialties. Feel free to reach out and I am happy to provide referrals. 

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